Our achievements

Art Chalet 9

Art Chalet

« The Art Chalet is a cottage like the others »
A new cottage itself apart from all the usual achievements , designed as a showcase for the artwork. A place to live where we invite the Art in daily life, in whi...  (More details)

Edelweiss 23 by Marc Berenguer


« A large and beautiful house in the mountains, this was the starting point. » 
Tradition, classicism combined with contemporary luxury and space to make the chalet Edelweiss building an exceptional elegance. Outsi...  (More details)



A couple crazy customer achievements Baccarat wished him a cottage in the same spirit and the same codes in the ski resort of Faraya Lebanon at 1850 meters altitude. This cottage has an area of 3500 m² on a plo...  (More details)

Petit Palais 29

Le Petit Palais

Delivered in April 2013, with an area of 1770 m2, the "Petit Palais" is located in the Bellecôte residence, the slopes and close to the city center. This chalet is in line created by Baccarat s...  (More details)


Le Petit Château

« Petit Château », delivered in 2011 and an area of 650 m2, part of traditional chalets Baccarat created in Bellecôte residence. All levels of the cottage were designed for re...  (More details)



Delivered in 2010 with an area of 450 m2, the cottage in the heart of the Bellecôte residence on the slopes of Courchevel 1850, « Gentianes » enjoys an exceptional natural environme...  (More details)


White Pearl et Black Pearl

The original idea was to create two completely different projects within the same outer space. Delivered in 2008, ideally located in the Jardin Alpin, these two cottages had to differentiate, to separate visually. It is ...  (More details)



The unique architecture of the cottage « Pearl » has created a harmony and comfort present in all living spaces. With 555 m2 surface, this chalet was delivered in July 2008.



Delivered in 2008, located in the residence Bellecôte, Skis to walk and close to the city center, the chalet « Monet » whose surface is 485 m2, combines both functionality, tradition and mode



Delivered in 2007, the chalet « Ormello » an area of 800 m² on 5 levels is ideally placed in the center of Courchevel 1850. Especially true mountain hotel offers its residents felted extremely comfortable and original sp


La Grande Roche

Traditional chalet delivered in 2006 in the heart of Courchevel 1850 Grande Roche has a surface of 408 m2 on 4 levels.


La Grande Blanche

Traditional chalet delivered in 2006 to Courchevel 1850, Great White has a surface of 376 m2 on 4 levels.



The « Aspen » cottage, delivered in April 2002, with an area of 300 m2 on 4 levels located near the slalom in Courchevel 1850 and offers a very warm and friendly.

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